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Return policy

If the item received by the customer is defective, it will be replaced by one in correct condition.

If a product other than the one requested by the customer was delivered by error by Applesphera, it will be withdrawn and the correct product will be delivered without any additional charge to the buyer.

Applesphera will not be able to make any kind of refund for products that do not meet any of the above requirements.


Once the item has been received, the customer must state on the delivery note if they see any indication that the package has been hit or may have any damage.

The customer must review their article and contact us within 24 hours of receipt. After this time,Applespherawill not be held responsible for this product or for any damages it may present.


The client is responsible for contacting us through the contact form on our website, or through the email info@applesphera.comduring the first 24 hours after receiving the shipment. You must tell us the reason for the return, attaching justifying photographs (defective or wrong product).

The amount corresponding to the shipment of the returned product is paid by the customer.

The article must keep all the accessories and original packaging. InIn no case will a product be poorly packed or different from the original, incomplete or with seals in the box of the same product.

Once Applesphera confirms that the product received by the customer is defective or erroneous, it will proceed to send another of the same reference.Due to the characteristics of the items we sell, if it is out of stock, the customer will have the possibility to exchange it for another or to refund their money.

Applesphera will not accept the return if some of the conditions mentioned above are breached.